Thursday, September 16, 2004

Weekend Ideas

Top line up at the Hank Williams birthday bash: Bill Chambers, Hunter and Suzy, Moonshine, Reno Nevada, Buddy Cartwright and others.

Serena Ryder was out here opening for Steve Earle earlier this year. Impressive folkie singer songwriter.

The Lovebites:

Featuring JASON WALKER ( deadset alt-count legend, published author, Gram Parsons obsessive) KERRYN STANTON ( Scrub Hornets, Rock Queen of Surry Hills) and MARK CORNWALL ( 50 M Beers), the LOVEBITES perform their debut gig on Sunday 19 Sept at the Excelsior Hotel, Bridge Rd, Glebe ( not to be confused with the Surry Hills franchise), from 6 PM. Three lead singers, 3 songwriters, 3 titanic egos- be there just for the onstage punchup! Also playing the Exy that nite is GEOFF HOLMES' CUTTIN' EDGE OLD BASTARDS. Alert readers will recall Holmesy's fine work in deadset Rilenesque legends X. Free in, see youse there on the 19th.

Oh, and Will Oldham of course.

Unfortunately I won't be around again. Anyone know what's on in Bathurst?

Blog news: Any bloggers or free webpage people out there, try Reinvigorate for your hit details. Way better than Sitemeter so far.

I like these stupid personality tests, can't help myself.

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