Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Some housekeeping: The Damn Right I'm A Cowboy show I mentioned earlier has been resceduled for the 20th October on ABC. I'll remind you again closer to the date.

News about Leone Becker, ex-Helldorado from Audrey Auld's Country Update page:

Another Ausie who's carving out a groovy niche for herself in the US is Leone Becker (ex Helldorado, Sydney). She's operating the Texas Music Cafe in the heart of Austin serving up fresh southern food and great music.

"Texans are a pretty laid back bunch like us Aussies. They love my accent even though a lot of them don't even know where Australia is. There is a certain novelty to being an Australian here. They want to know how the hell we know about honky tonk, so far away. It's pretty easy to put a great band together here because there are so many amazing musicians in this town, and they all want to play!"

The Texas Music Cafe is right next door to the Famous Continental Cafe on Congress, so stop in and say "G'day" when you're in town.

Thanks to Ron for the info.

Thinking of the Helldorados reminded me of Midwest Obsession and the good old days they use to alternate Saturday nights at the Enmore. You remember, back when that premises was a proper pub, before it became the S** F** (may its blonde wood spontaneously combust and its stainless steel corrode) and another little part of Sydney died.

So, anyway, after far too long away Mary Heard is back with "a new low key acoustic group" and purveyors of fine hillbilly folk, called Moonshine. Says Mary, "We are having so much fun finding material from the Carter Family to 70s Folk revival stuff from New York and San Francisco. Les Scott is playing guitar with us and Gary Brown on dobro. " They are doing the Hank night at the Bridge this weekend, then Almost Acoustic in Rozelle -- avert your eyes left for all the details.

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