Friday, September 03, 2004

Sign Real Country Music's petition to protest the CMA overlooking Loretta Lynn and Van Lear Rose for a nomination. Mind you, if you were going to protest every stupid thing the CMA did you wouldn't have time to fit in much else.

Review of Kasey Chambers in the SMH. We have been down this road before: if you like the music, just damn well say so, without trying to cover your hipster arse by assuring us no, no, she isn't really country. I mean, what earthly reason is there to mention Shania Twain and linedancing in a review of Kasey Chambers? "Hokey cliches" are to be scorned in popular music apparently, but still OK in popular music hackwork.

I look forward to the live reviews of Jet which deny they bear any resemblance to Mark Holden and of James Morrison, who redeems jazz from Kenny G.

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