Tuesday, January 29, 2008

There Won't Be Anymore

Not hereabouts at least. Blogger has served me well, I have no complaints with it and recommend it anyone. But I was feeling the need for a Daniel Craig-esque reboot of the franchise and so you now need to go here for the new site.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Until Now

I think I can honestly say that Jose Feliciano has never before been mentioned on this blog.

Got the Best of the Johnny Cash Show DVDs -- more later.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

That Time of Year

I'm not doing Tamworth this year ;-( but if I were I would probably try and catch Andy Baylor at the Southgate every single damn day. The place is just not the same without him.

Steve from Yesterday and Today will also be setting up at the Southgate, selling the best country collection this side of Nashville and probably the other side of it too.

Sunday Mix Tape

* I don't know why Willie Nelson is under R&B either.
* Big Mama Thornton with the Muddy Waters Blues Band is my new favourite blues record EVAH.
* Honeyboy Edwards they say is one of the last living connections to R. Johnson, having palsed around with him on the day he died.
* Danny O'Keefe wrote "So Long, Harry Truman" and also "Goodtime Charlie's Got the Blues." Never heard of him before this week but must put him on the list.
* That Little Richard album ("Little Richard is Back") is the one with Hendrix, before Jimi got the punt from the band. Little Richard pulls out some smoking soul on this album, particularly on this track where he also brings a bit of the crazy.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I did a quick 2007 Favourites at Hickory Wind. I neglected to mention Bishop Allen, The Broken String. Listen to the MP3 of Bullet and Big D to see why. Although that song is not actually on the album but it should have been.

This is what I said:

Upfront and Down Low -- Teddy Thompson. Can't add much more to my original review. Still holding up a few months later.

Hammer of the Honky Tonk Gods -- Bill Kirchen. The way he masters and blends so many different styles is truly impressive as is the songwriting, singing and music. Something for everyone.

At My Age -- Nick Lowe. My first and last purchase from the Amazon MP3 store, before they rudely closed the loophole that allowed non-USAnians to get stuff. Funny, sad, terribly, terribly sexy loungey-country for grown-ups.

Ex Tempore -- Johnny Irion. To plagarise myself: "An intensely lovely collection of early Neil Young meets early Elton John with a cosmic American sheen."

Heartaches by the Number -- David Ball. Solid as a rock trad country covers plus one worthy original.

Magic -- Bruce Springsteen.
The real test of a Boss/E St. song is how it shakes out live but here's some lovely material to work with. Hooks galore.

Between Daylight and Dark -- Mary Gauthier. Reigning queen of southern gothic, rewards your time spent inside the songs.

Dwight Sings Buck -- Dwight Yoakam. Well, obviously. Makes it for "Close Up the Honky Tonks" alone, which is truly epic (naff video but) and my song of the year.

Silver Mountain -- Deadstring Brothers. Exactly the same as their last couple, which is cool 'cause I love their last couple.

Countrypolitan Favorites -- Southern Culture on the Skids
. Play it loud.