Friday, July 20, 2007

Kevin Rudd's Favourite Music as Listed on His Facebook Profile

(which you cannot see unless you are his friend. Like me, suckas!)

Classical, especially Vivaldi. Folk, especially Simon and Garfunkel (Feeling Groovy), John Williamson, and Redgum. I enjoy a selection of jazz, including Ella Fitzgerald. Some John Denver during car trips.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Listening To ...

Elizabeth Cook "Sometimes it Takes Balls to Be a Woman"

This is the attention getter from her album Balls, but it is all great stuff. Produced by Rodney Crowell.

Elvis "If You Talk in Your Sleep"

From below collection. I actually wanted to find the Little Milton version, but there is precious little of him on YouTube. Get your act together, you people providing free stuff for my convenience!

MP3: Ronny Elliott "Do Angels Ever Dream They're Falling" from the album Valentine Roadkill. I really like this song and sought it out again this week on reading Robert Forster's review of a new Phil Spector bio in The Monthly. Scroll down to Arts and Letters for preview. The song is about Crazy Phil and his recent, er, troubles.

Buy some Ronny Elliott! No one ever looks at this blog over the weekend anyway, so I'll take it down Monday and hardly any copyright infringement will have happened.

Note, it's hosted on the Sydney Dylan Society webpage but is nothing to do with them, I just have a lot of free space there and found a great tutorial for adding an MP3 player to a RapidWeaver site, which that is. If you have a Mac and are a newbie and are really lazy like me, you can't go past RapidWeaver for website a-building.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

In Which I Make Amends ...

... for not blogging by telling you that you can buy this slice of heaven-- Elvis Presley, Walk a Mile in My Shoes: The Essential 70s Masters -- for $16.99 (sixteen dollars ninety nine cents AUD) from iTunes. Five discs. 120 (one hundred and twenty) songs.

For whatever reason they have it all bundled as one album. Ta, Steve. Seen it in the hard copy shops for $90 and its USD71 on Amazon. Of course you don't get the Dave Marsh liner notes and whatnot but, c'mon, seventeen bucks!! The music is sublime.

The package concentrates on a core of 120 songs--the A- and B-sides of every single Presley recorded in the '70s, 46 other studio tracks (including 13 previously unreleased performances), and 27 live tracks (including another 13 unreleased tracks)--that feature a still-magnificent singer collaborating with one of the funkiest bands of its time.

The Flop Eared Mule verdict: fracking grouse to the power of infinity.