Friday, April 29, 2005

She Was An Imbecile Dislocated

I like this meme, via Dock of the Bay.

1. Pick five songs that most people will know.
2. Select lyrics of up to but not surpassing 150 words from each one.
3. Go to Babelfish
4. Enter the lyrics thus:

English to German
German to French
French to Portuguese
Portuguese to English

Here are mine. Of course, these are all well known songs of the C&W variety. You can try to guess 'em but they're pretty easy.

1 I am in favor of faith fou wild, therefore he is only to feel then wild me I know blue that it would like much time to me then, as one day for about one of new leaves me then desired to the concern because me, it leaves assures me, wondring that in the world I made for the thought that vocês me, that expensive vocês could have my love is dislocated for shouts is wild for attempts me is wild for lesquel dislocates

2 It said them, is liked "', until mount." "It explained to it that," it forgets in the time." While the years went slowly beyond, still it requested after its agreement. It had its illustration on the wall. And then now half wild it went. But still it liked all and waited of new it who would come back. Some letters if its bed will have, date in 1962. It had underlined "me of likes ' red to it in each particular one. I was to see it necessarily today, but not vi ruptures. All the ones that are dresses, leave, the first time that it would smile having in account it in the years. He stopped of liking aujourd today ', placed it a Wreath after its door, early lead distant and it, had stopped itself to it what he liked aujourd today '. They know, came to see it it last mark. E we were all wonderin ', if one became.' E had times runnin ' for my agreement, this that is on it for coupon.'

3 Wandered, therefore I came the life without objectivo that was filled with péché that, does not want to say taste of rescuers then in the Jesus would leave, as an foreigner in the night compliment Vi the light that vi that the light more noircissement of more night now is, only nenhuns I happily assure therefore in the sight compliment Lord I light vi. Necessarily as a invisual man that I make sure wandered, and one fears that it affirms exactly then for mine as the invisual man the God to its sight compliment of the mountain range of Lord I who light gave of return. She was an imbecile dislocated me and divergent right is the barrier and the way to reduce me it injustice for the right compliment has acted now that Lord I saw the light.

4 Who said vocês was to it a brother? Who age fell of remaining portion? How the Whiskey and the blood that had understood meetings to that vocês run had been left to request about one? I did not consider myself to request, the expensive brother that I did not understand that nobody to request me on the road did not understand the demolition, but, I did not consider myself to request. When I understood the demolition on the road, knew, that it was since the start that I was to the scene of the destruction and an illustration on my heart was marked. It had together Whiskey and blood is mixed the glass, in which had played a death its hand in the destruction puts, but me it was not considered to request. Desire that I could modify this sad history that vocês I declare now, no way gives to it however that, I can modify it it stops about one that the life is now. Your soul was nominated by the master that had died in a demolition on the way and me understood the Aechzen of the death, but, was not considered to request.

5 If it takes the volume flabbily your hair of shakes to to that, leaves it about it my skin as the shades on the wall to devagar in low coming fixed vocês a situation and vocês my side to the first light of morning all the ones that I am not your time helps it to me, for the night to form takes interests me me, what he is right, or false I do not try to be understood I can the devil volume tomorrow ' cause night me I need this friend yesterday I have died, of tomorrow and gone and of sight and it it is not to be been sadly, only aid me ' qu ' assez # $$morgenlicht alle to nieder, die ich bin Ihre Zeit helfe to mir es, durch die Nacht zu bilden nehme Ich interessiere mich nicht, was recht ist, to oder falsch ich nicht versuche zu verstehen lasse den Teufel morgen nehmen "verursache heute abend mich benoetige einen Freund Gestern ist tot, morgig und gegangen und aus Anblick und ihm heraus ist traurig, allein zu sein helfen to mir, ihn durch die Nacht zu bilden Ich interessiere mich nicht, was recht ist, to oder falsch ich nicht versuche zu verstehen lasse le diable prendre demain ' causes to soir moi nécessite ce to hier un ami mort, of demain et est allé et d ' joins vue et d ' for me would not not only want to it to be only helps me to form it it for the night

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Earl Scruggs and Tom T. Hall The Storyteller and the Banjo man

LP - $4 at second hand record shop in Newtown last week.

Or should that be "Tom T. Hall and Earl Scruggs" or The Banjo man and the Storyteller. I suppose you are just supposed to know which is which, but what of the country music naifs left thinking "Wow, I really love that Tom's unique three fingered picking technique!" FYI naifs, wherever you are: Earl is the one on the left, always looks to me straight out of the Politburo 1963. See, he played a bit with this bloke Lester Flatt, look it up. Tom T. Hall ("The Storyteller") is one of country's most humane voices, let's agree to gloss over that whole odd Bar With No Beer thing.

Anyroad. It's a very good album, with some extremely catchy tunes including Jagger/Richards' No Expectations, which recalls the "artistic differences" which lead to Flatt and Scruggs going their seperate ways in 1969. The short version: like most things, it was Dylan's fault! (last para of that article)

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Rattle Them Bones

A Bone Rattling Rockabilly, Rock ‘n’ Roll,
Rockin’ Blues & Roots Rock Event
Corner Parramatta Rd and Johnston Sts, Annandale
Saturday May 7, 2005
8.00 p.m. till late - $10 admission


The Bone Daddies was formed by the members of Zombie Ghost Train in 2002 as
a platform to play the music that inspired them - ROCKABILLY in its truest
form - Rough, Raw and full of 50’s energy. They’ll be crankin’ out their
favourite rockabilly tunes in a non-stop, action packed, barn shakin’, bull
by the horns, bop fest. - performing songs from all the rockabilly greats;
Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Charlie Feathers, Johnny Burnette, Glen Glenn
and more.

The Missing Link present the unique sound of Link Wray’s 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll
complete with original native American beats - courtesy of Dave Dimitri

Fat Dusty career through a landscape of desert and swamp, inhabited by
boozers and losers, ghost truckers, and remnants of the civil war - from
surf to swing, swampy blues and back again - a rockabilly honky tonk
truckin’ disaster with a spaghetti western overlay. Fat Dusty is the vehicle
for the songwriting talents of Roy Payne.

The Loathers fuzzed out blues rock bleeds emotion and charisma. Big bluesy
riffs, mean slide guitar, guttural screams and tight rhythm. Get up and Jump
around ..This is rock ‘n’ roll for the soul …Lock up your mama.

Rusty Weld – is fronted by ex- Alex Lloyd guitarist Kinnon Holt with members
tracing roots back to Mother Hubbard and more recently Tongues. Beautifully
crafted songs in a country/blues infused rock style, characterised by
Kinnon’s unique voice.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Blog business. The Sydney Blogger Meetup has moved homes, since Meetup has started charging for their "service." I present Sydney Blog Meetup at blogspot. Of course the Grogblogging juggernaut is on May 7th and it should be cool, but the monthly meetings have the appeal of being smaller and a bit more relaxed. The market will decide I guess but I'm all for giving it a go.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Saturday Blog Filler

I don't have an MP3 player so can't iPod blog. I have a CD walkman and a good old fashioned CD case to carry around everywhere. Here are the CDs currently in there, pretty much changes daily.

In the actual player: Bob Dylan Bootleg Series Vol 5 Live 1975 Disc 1.

In the case:

Lightning in a Bottle soundtrack disc 1
High Society soundtrack One of my favourite films. In it, Grace Kelly -- a silly chick who's gonna marry a square -- wears the actual Ranier engagement ring.
Bruce Springsteen The River discs one and two
Bob Dylan "Plymouth Rock" bootleg, live 31/10/75 and 11/11/75
Lee Roy Parnell Tell the Truth
Whiskeytown Pneumonia
Solomon Burke Make Do With What You've Got In the same vein as Don't Give Up on Me, but not as good, the production hangs lightly around the songs rather than Joe Henry's more sensitive style.
Robert Earl Keen Gravitational Forces
Roots of Hip Hop MOJO compilation
Sir Douglas Quintet 1+1+1=4/The Return of Doug Saldana
Alice Stuart with Prune Rooney and Friends Crazy with the Blues
Andy Baylor and the West Melbourne All Stars Hometown Stomp disc one and two
Ryan Adams Gold
Gillian Welch Time (The Revelator)
Tina Turner Country Songs No really. She does kicking versions of Good Hearted Woman, Loving Him was Easier, You Ain't Woman Enough to Take My Man and Stand By Your Man.
Roy Head Texas Soul and Country Man
John Hiatt Walk On
Bob Dylan Empire Burlesque
The Dylan Show last Sat night played Tight Connection to My Heart which inspired me to pull out EB.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Texas Singer/Songwriter #24536: Lee Roy Parnell
The Album: Tell the Truth

Crossin' Over is the song included on the Sugar Hill sampler, but the raucus coming of age tale stands out in this collection of rich country soul, gospel and bluesy honky tonk, including a duet with Bonnie Bramlett. Parnell had some hits in the 90s, difficult for me to gauge what his post-millennial currency is, but no matter. Stick it on some Saturday night.

Do go to that Sugar Hill link, and listen to the song plus all the others.
All quality.

The guitar is for Irant and is Lee Roy's own
Les Paul Gibson Goldtop.
One of living treasures, rockabilly legend Lonnie Lee is back in business:

At the end of April, Starlite Records will release Lonnie's first single release since 'Rain' a song he write for Roy Orbison.

The new song titled 'Can't you see it in my eyes', was written by John Marascalco who wrote 'Starlight Starbright' as well as classics such as Ready Teddy, Rip it Up, Good Golly Miss Molly etc. It features some of Lonnie's old Nashville friends including Wayne Jackson of the Memphis Horns and Bob Babbitt of Motown's Funk Bros. Byrd Burton of the Amazing Rythm Aces was on guitar as was Tony Burkys of The Leemen.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Things You Should Do

1) Dig Country launch tonight at the Vanguard 9pm. Lucky Oceans plus The Flood free. I think Lucky is MCing, I dare not hope he'll pull out a pedal steel himself.

2) Way cool poster, way cool band. The artists formally known as the Little Riverview Band now Little Big Horn. Bald Faced Stag Leichhardt April 23rd 930-0100.

3) 20th Annual Bob Dylan Birthday Marathon on 2SER. Will be streaming on the net so do you have an excuse. You do not. I will hassle you further about it closer to the date.

"People think that fame and riches translate into power, that it brings glory and honour and happiness. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't....I really was never any more than what I was - a folk musician who gazed into the grey mist with tear-blinded eyes and made up songs that floated in a luminous haze."

[The 20th birthday of the]
Bob Dylan Birthday Marathon
2 S E R 1 0 7 . 3
Friday 27th May 10pm till 3am

Bob's Chronicles for
Chronic Bobcats

To celebrate the 64th birthday of the "Picasso of Rock" 2SER's Bobcats have cleared the decks for the 21st broadcast of the Bob Dylan Birthday Marathon. From 10pm on we will be playing the choicest cuts from Bob's entire career including Bob's version of Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come." We have "I'll Remember You" from Masked And Anonymous and the jazz version of "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right."

We will feature excerpts from Bob's autobiography "Chronicles" as read by a very Dylanesque Sean Penn and we will be discussing the book itself. Of course we shall have the Dylan Quiz, the book and DVD review, and the news. The Bob Dylan Birthday Marathon has been running since 1985.

For more information contact Bill Kitson
on 02 9674 3775, 02 4721 4433 or at

Friday, April 08, 2005

One of the things I have really enjoyed reading lately is The Other 50 Tracks, a group blogging response to the Canadian Broadcasting Corp's "50 essential Canadian popular songs." A veto ability gives it a bit of that sexy Tribal Council vibe and the music writing is brill.

The other thing I have been enjoying reading is Television Without Pity's recaps of 7th Heaven epsiodes. Read, and die of laughter.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Lucinda Live Album Watch Update

Lucinda Williams, Live @ The Fillmore Lost Highway is set to release the first-ever live album from Grammy Award-winning artist Lucinda Williams. Lucinda recorded this collection of live songs over her 3 night appearance at San Francisco's legendary Fillmore Auditorium. Live @ the Fillmore is on double CD and triple LP sets, both featuring deluxe packaging. All 22 tracks that appear in this collection were hand selected by Lucinda. Album out May 10th!

Set List

Please Mr Bluesfest Man

I have never been to the Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival but I am a big fan of the way they bring acts to Australia and I get to see then in Sydney. Michael Franti surely can't come every damn year so here are a few people off the top of my head I'd like to see.

Please Mr Bluesfest Man -- go to all the trouble and expense of bringing them out just for my benefit! Thx in advance!

In no particular order.

Randy Newman

Bluesfest isn't my only cunning plan here. I have spent alot of time thinking about how this could work. My interest in Randy is his songs not his film scores but if Mohammed won't go to the mountain ... We've got a Fox Studios in Sydney, right? We've got orchestras, right? All I need to do is somehow convince whoever makes these decisions that they need this Oscar Winning legend on their team. Any tips gratefully accepted.

Tom Russell

Think I've made my feelings about him clear.

James McMurtry

Outstanding Texas (son of Larry) country/roots/rock singer/songwriter. Go here and listen to a new song, We Can't Make It Here. While you're there, don't listen to the Billy Joe Shaver song, its truly ordinary and if you are unfamilar with him, it shouldn't be your introduction.

Robert Earl Keen

There are of course about 75,000 of these Texas blokes I could put here but I picked REK because I was listening to Gravtitational Forces this week and I so dig the rocked up seven minute "The Road Goes On Forever". Don't know why he rerecorded it (change of labels?) but its currently my favourite song.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Fred Eaglesmith The Bridge, Rozelle, April 1st

Train took almost an hour to go from Dulwich Hill to Town Hall, followed up by a bus debacle entirely of my own making, so I had no choice but to elbow Beccy Cole out of the way to get to the bar (no not really, but I would have.) $5 for a tinnie of VB! Pffft. When did the Bridge become the Basement? Anyway, that's all the bitching I'll do.

Bill Chambers opening, customarily solid covers of some of my favourite songs, Mary Gauther's I Drink, Steve Earle's Goodbye and Zimmy's Don't Think Twice. He also turned the stage over to Fred sideman and stirring singer/songwriter in his own right, Willie P. Bennett. He has the delectable Canadian twang like Fred too. Makes me happy to hear it, after years of working with Canucks I'm pretty good at telling it from accents from that other place. Of course the default position is to always assume Canadianess. You say to an American "So, where in Canada are you from?", they just laugh and its all good. But do it vice versa and let's just say its another excellent reason why you all should have a Living Will.

I digress. I don't have a set list for Fred and The Tonker who is far more familiar with every nook of his career than me has already indicated this morning his memory of the proceedings has a few gaps so .... I do know he did Wilder Than Her -- with Kasey Chambers on harmony -- because I totally adore that song. Actually it was my first exposure to Fred, via Dar Williams' version although I didn't know anything then about this (F.Eaglesmith) credited as writer. Fred was in typically fine form with the between song patter, including some droll observations about Mapquest's misleading him about the Anzac Bridge and "the worst thing a musican can do," in-store appearances. Did Alcohol and Pills, no Lucille. I look around at the packed room and wonder, where are all you people on regular weekends at local gigs? Also Freight Train, He's a Good Dog, Carmelita, Bob's Dogs and Burgs (hmmmmdogsnadburgshmmmmmm), Time to Get a Gun, Big Hair, Brand New Boy, Thirty Years of Farming, Your Sister Cried? And ... put a fork in me, I'm done. That's all I know. Oh, and Drive In Movie which I think Kasey joined in on too.

Update as my memory returns: Fred also did a deadpan little bit about the appearance on a Coogee fencepost of the Virgin Mary being inspired by an enterprising gelato salesman. Classic.

Honky Tonk Highway has an almost complete setlist.
Letter in the Herald today. Yay.

When I hear someone automatically denigrating country music (Letters, March 31), I know the speaker has heard the popular wisdom, but not really listened to the music.

The music of Hank Williams, Bill Monroe and Lucinda Williams requires engagement of the mind as well as the ears. Some of us get it; some never will.

Tom McGinness Randwick