Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Things You Should Do

1) Dig Country launch tonight at the Vanguard 9pm. Lucky Oceans plus The Flood free. I think Lucky is MCing, I dare not hope he'll pull out a pedal steel himself.

2) Way cool poster, way cool band. The artists formally known as the Little Riverview Band now Little Big Horn. Bald Faced Stag Leichhardt April 23rd 930-0100.

3) 20th Annual Bob Dylan Birthday Marathon on 2SER. Will be streaming on the net so do you have an excuse. You do not. I will hassle you further about it closer to the date.

"People think that fame and riches translate into power, that it brings glory and honour and happiness. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't....I really was never any more than what I was - a folk musician who gazed into the grey mist with tear-blinded eyes and made up songs that floated in a luminous haze."

[The 20th birthday of the]
Bob Dylan Birthday Marathon
2 S E R 1 0 7 . 3
Friday 27th May 10pm till 3am

Bob's Chronicles for
Chronic Bobcats

To celebrate the 64th birthday of the "Picasso of Rock" 2SER's Bobcats have cleared the decks for the 21st broadcast of the Bob Dylan Birthday Marathon. From 10pm on we will be playing the choicest cuts from Bob's entire career including Bob's version of Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come." We have "I'll Remember You" from Masked And Anonymous and the jazz version of "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right."

We will feature excerpts from Bob's autobiography "Chronicles" as read by a very Dylanesque Sean Penn and we will be discussing the book itself. Of course we shall have the Dylan Quiz, the book and DVD review, and the news. The Bob Dylan Birthday Marathon has been running since 1985.

For more information contact Bill Kitson
on 02 9674 3775, 02 4721 4433 or at bilkit@hotmail.com

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