Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Earl Scruggs and Tom T. Hall The Storyteller and the Banjo man

LP - $4 at second hand record shop in Newtown last week.

Or should that be "Tom T. Hall and Earl Scruggs" or The Banjo man and the Storyteller. I suppose you are just supposed to know which is which, but what of the country music naifs left thinking "Wow, I really love that Tom's unique three fingered picking technique!" FYI naifs, wherever you are: Earl is the one on the left, always looks to me straight out of the Politburo 1963. See, he played a bit with this bloke Lester Flatt, look it up. Tom T. Hall ("The Storyteller") is one of country's most humane voices, let's agree to gloss over that whole odd Bar With No Beer thing.

Anyroad. It's a very good album, with some extremely catchy tunes including Jagger/Richards' No Expectations, which recalls the "artistic differences" which lead to Flatt and Scruggs going their seperate ways in 1969. The short version: like most things, it was Dylan's fault! (last para of that article)

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