Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Well Bob is in Sydney tomorrow and Thursday night and this is the first I've said about it, which shows how the blogging mojo has gone. Comment here on anything Bob if you wish and I might update later.

If you're in Sydney come to the Crystal Palace for pre-gig drinkies.

Update Wed: So I was told Denny Freeman, Bob's guitarist, was going to be sitting in with Cayton Doley's Organ Donors at the Macquarie Hotel in the city last night so I took myself along. The band itself is great and on every Tuesday I believe, and seeing Freeman up close (the first time for me at any distance) was very cool. They played jammy blues, funk, a bit of the old proggy type jazz, rocked it up. Nice! I knew what he looked like but even if I didn't, he was The One in the room who looked like he should be in Dylan's band.

I learnt alot about the low light settings on my new camera and how not to use them but not sure I have any decent pics really. Trying to get up to speed on the thing.

Extremely pedestrian selection of Bob cover songs in the Herald. I refuse to play this game anyway, as it buys into the whole "he writes good songs but can't sing" heresy HOWEVER if it leaves our Emmylou's "Every Grain of Sand" -- in the bin! The best covers album by far is Tim O'Brien's Red on Blonde (a bit on YouTube.)