Thursday, April 07, 2005

Please Mr Bluesfest Man

I have never been to the Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival but I am a big fan of the way they bring acts to Australia and I get to see then in Sydney. Michael Franti surely can't come every damn year so here are a few people off the top of my head I'd like to see.

Please Mr Bluesfest Man -- go to all the trouble and expense of bringing them out just for my benefit! Thx in advance!

In no particular order.

Randy Newman

Bluesfest isn't my only cunning plan here. I have spent alot of time thinking about how this could work. My interest in Randy is his songs not his film scores but if Mohammed won't go to the mountain ... We've got a Fox Studios in Sydney, right? We've got orchestras, right? All I need to do is somehow convince whoever makes these decisions that they need this Oscar Winning legend on their team. Any tips gratefully accepted.

Tom Russell

Think I've made my feelings about him clear.

James McMurtry

Outstanding Texas (son of Larry) country/roots/rock singer/songwriter. Go here and listen to a new song, We Can't Make It Here. While you're there, don't listen to the Billy Joe Shaver song, its truly ordinary and if you are unfamilar with him, it shouldn't be your introduction.

Robert Earl Keen

There are of course about 75,000 of these Texas blokes I could put here but I picked REK because I was listening to Gravtitational Forces this week and I so dig the rocked up seven minute "The Road Goes On Forever". Don't know why he rerecorded it (change of labels?) but its currently my favourite song.

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