Friday, July 13, 2007

Listening To ...

Elizabeth Cook "Sometimes it Takes Balls to Be a Woman"

This is the attention getter from her album Balls, but it is all great stuff. Produced by Rodney Crowell.

Elvis "If You Talk in Your Sleep"

From below collection. I actually wanted to find the Little Milton version, but there is precious little of him on YouTube. Get your act together, you people providing free stuff for my convenience!

MP3: Ronny Elliott "Do Angels Ever Dream They're Falling" from the album Valentine Roadkill. I really like this song and sought it out again this week on reading Robert Forster's review of a new Phil Spector bio in The Monthly. Scroll down to Arts and Letters for preview. The song is about Crazy Phil and his recent, er, troubles.

Buy some Ronny Elliott! No one ever looks at this blog over the weekend anyway, so I'll take it down Monday and hardly any copyright infringement will have happened.

Note, it's hosted on the Sydney Dylan Society webpage but is nothing to do with them, I just have a lot of free space there and found a great tutorial for adding an MP3 player to a RapidWeaver site, which that is. If you have a Mac and are a newbie and are really lazy like me, you can't go past RapidWeaver for website a-building.

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