Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I did a quick 2007 Favourites at Hickory Wind. I neglected to mention Bishop Allen, The Broken String. Listen to the MP3 of Bullet and Big D to see why. Although that song is not actually on the album but it should have been.

This is what I said:

Upfront and Down Low -- Teddy Thompson. Can't add much more to my original review. Still holding up a few months later.

Hammer of the Honky Tonk Gods -- Bill Kirchen. The way he masters and blends so many different styles is truly impressive as is the songwriting, singing and music. Something for everyone.

At My Age -- Nick Lowe. My first and last purchase from the Amazon MP3 store, before they rudely closed the loophole that allowed non-USAnians to get stuff. Funny, sad, terribly, terribly sexy loungey-country for grown-ups.

Ex Tempore -- Johnny Irion. To plagarise myself: "An intensely lovely collection of early Neil Young meets early Elton John with a cosmic American sheen."

Heartaches by the Number -- David Ball. Solid as a rock trad country covers plus one worthy original.

Magic -- Bruce Springsteen.
The real test of a Boss/E St. song is how it shakes out live but here's some lovely material to work with. Hooks galore.

Between Daylight and Dark -- Mary Gauthier. Reigning queen of southern gothic, rewards your time spent inside the songs.

Dwight Sings Buck -- Dwight Yoakam. Well, obviously. Makes it for "Close Up the Honky Tonks" alone, which is truly epic (naff video but) and my song of the year.

Silver Mountain -- Deadstring Brothers. Exactly the same as their last couple, which is cool 'cause I love their last couple.

Countrypolitan Favorites -- Southern Culture on the Skids
. Play it loud.

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