Friday, September 24, 2004

My People Will Talk to Your People

I have been trying to expand my knowledge of the murky world of Top 40 country. The latest acquisition is Brad Paisley's Mud on the Tyres Tires.

My first thought is this: He looks eerily like a WASP-y version of Michael Imperioli from The Sopranos. Which got me thinking, there has got to be a sitcom in there somewhere.

Here's my pitch: Through some kind of weird set of circumstances (I'm just the ideas girl, they have writers to do the leg work) a set of twins are split at birth, one grows up a coal miner's son in West Virginia, the other a wiseguy in NYC. Then along comes another weird, yet sharply comic, set of circumstances and they are reunited. They have to live together. Perhaps there is a child involved, differing standards of parenting are always a hoot. A kooky neighbour. An ethnic minority (but just the one.) Brad is an aspiring country singer, Mikey a made guy going straight. At first that seemed improbable but then I had a flash of inspiration: witness protection! Yes, he is in witness protection and since no one knows about the long-lost hick brother, it is the perfect cover. Lots of misunderstandings between gangters and rednecks: sit back and watch the comedy gold flow! I think there was a Bette Midler/Lily Tomlin movie along these lines but originality can only count against us with the execs so we should play that up.

In fact I was so engrossed with the idea I didn't really take much notice of the music. The only song I had previously heard was Celebrity, I tracked down the video online because of William Shatner. The idea seems to be that to get to somewhere worthwhile you have to get off the beaten track sometimes but there's nothing mud-splattered about this journey. It's more like jumping in the Lexus at ten to three and driving four blocks to pick your kids up from school.

It will probably grow on me though, most things do. I'll listen some more.

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