Tuesday, September 21, 2004


A few folky chicks for your consideration.

I first heard an Amy Rigby song on internet radio somewhere, the domestic anthem Are We Ever Gonna Have Sex Again?

What happened to babe and stud?
Too much KFC and Bud
I shout it out into the wind
Are we ever gonna have sex again?

Come here baby, scratch my itch
Or I’ll show you one mean ass bitch
I’m so tired of acting Zen
Are we ever gonna have sex again?

Then I bought the album Till The Wheels Fall Off which is chockas with little gems of the middle-aged life. A Mojo review says it well:Amy Rigby is a 44-year -old divorcee with a teenaged daughter. Her mind is sharp, her voice is strong, her hormones are coursing and her breasts are hanging in there. Her demographic needs all the music it can get, and she's been writing songs from its evolving perspective since 1996's inspired Diary of a Mod Housewife - songs so heartfelt, pointed and shapely that by now her marginality is an ageist outrage. She also duets with Todd Snider on one song. I was listening to the album alot at the same time as Uncut favourite Thea Gilmore's Avalanche and the Marge and Lisa Simpson image occured to me. Thea's definately a gal Lisa could love, more serious, alot younger (25) but ploughing the same catchy-profound-pop-folk-roots territory. Her Brit accent cuts through strongly which gives the tracks a no-nonsense flavour which emoting young women on record often lack.

Zoilus is the website of Carl Wilson a music critic at Canada's Globe and Mail and he mentioned me. Good chap. There is alot there I'm working my way through, but in particular this article from September 12th grabbed my attention.

News about Iris DeMent's long awaited (eight years!) new album Life Line is trickling out, it is said to be a return to the stripped back style of her first two albums. Due out October 19th.

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