Thursday, September 09, 2004

Finally got the August issue of Uncut with the Americana CD. Might write a bit more about it later, it sorta sums up alot that frustrate/bores me about so-called "Americana". Anyway, the song that did grab me right away was the Josh Ritter song "Mona Lisa." It reminded me a bit of Butch Hancock. Here is a nice little article about him.

Merle Haggard typically straight talking in this interview.

Hank Williams Snr museum.

That's the official one, this one is unofficial.

Can't sleep, Hank'll eat me: Recently, he added the first in a series of hand-made Hank Williams porcelain dolls.

Nashville That Says No

But there's another side to Nashville, and two new records from Middle Tennessee residents operating outside the country-music machine offer an alternative. Onetime Memphian Todd Snider's career-best East Nashville Skyline makes his dissent geographically specific -- praising an artist-heavy neighborhood away from Music Row that the rich avoid at all costs. Steve Earle signs off from Fairview, Tennessee, in the liner notes to The Revolution Starts Now, his one-man-527 attempt at influencing an election. But he's been battling Nashville's conservatism for years en route to becoming the American musician most likely to be seen sparring with Bill O'Reilly on national television.

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