Saturday, September 11, 2004

Melancholy weekend for many reasons, let's just concentrate on the one that is easiest to take and also on-topic.

Johnny Cash
February 26th 1932 ~ September 12th 2003

There will be many tributes over the weekend but I am heading to Wollongong for some maekju and sorority so this will be it until Monday (possibly Sunday.)

Here is one tribute.

Johnny Cash Spent His Final Days Getting Close to God (although these rituals don't sound particularly bizarre to me)

Jailhouse rock -- includes the text of a 1969 Ralph Gleeson article about the San Quentin show. Highly recommended.

Southern hospitality rocks film cast Requires registration.

Playing Luther Perkins was a treat for Dan. "That was kind of a dream come true just 'cause I was always a huge Johnny Cash fan," he said. "And that kind of guitar playing seemed to be equally important to the sound as Johnny Cash's voice. Just that real simple elegance. It was just so sturdy and distinctive and simple and really beautiful."

The official Johnny Cash site

And to get you in the mood for the Welch/Rawlings tour, a review. This could require registration too.

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