Saturday, September 25, 2004

For Yom Kippur:

Longtime pals Richard “Kinky” Friedman (author, magazine columnist, singer/songwriter) and Farouk Shami (founder, chairman of Farouk Systems) have launched this new product to show the world that deep friendships between Jews and Arabs are possible. The premium, first cold pressed, extra-virgin olive oil is sourced from both Israel and Jordan. 100% of after-tax profits will be donated to children’s charities such as Neve Shalom/Wahat Al-Salam (Oasis of Peace in Hebrew and Arabic). $5.99

More on that and Kinky's bid to become Governor of Texas

Images stolen from Kinky's site. Go buy some stuff.

Trip to the library yesterday yielded two more for Hot Country research.

Greatest Hits
Tim McGraw

Honky Tonk Sonata
Jason McCoy He looks like a George Michael impersonator but I like the title

George Strait

plus ones I know I'll like

Shock Country Sampler Heartaches and Highways Vol III
the first two volumes from Shock were essential and I've always gone out and bought at least several of the artists featured (which I guess is the point). I might be making up some ground, as there's only one this time (Danni Leigh) I've never heard of or don't own. There are no helpful liner notes on each artist like in vols 1 and 2 though.

Blugrass No 1's
from Rounder. Excellent liner notes, I'm pleased to say

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