Sunday, September 04, 2005

... tangled in wishes ...

Sat Night:

I still get a heap of hits a day from people looking for the lyrics to the Notorious Cherry Bombs' It's Hard to Kiss the Lips ... As a public service once I posted them here. Frankly, this is by far the least of the songs on the album and I hope all these Googlers have gone out and bought the whole thing.

On The Road to Ruin
-- Notorious Cherry Bombs (3.1mb)

Back in the day, when I was a poor student I once had to make a choice. Iris DeMent or Steve Earle? Couldn't afford to go to both (especially at The Basement) and they were in Sydney at the same time, just pre- or post- a Byron appearance. I chose Iris, and might make the same choice again today. I recently acquired via the miracle of EBay her two middle albums My Life and The Way I Should. I used to own them and then all my Cds got stolen. Don't get me started. So, I haven't listened to them since about the year 2000. They were very important songs to me then, but that was a whole different century, a whole different emotional state, a whole different Mule. Thank the Flying Spagetti Monster, those days are over. Would I feel the same today? Would what seemed moved me very deeply then just seem wet, melodramatic and trite today? No, as it happens. Call me a big girly wuss but damn, I still love these songs.

My Life -- Iris De Ment (3.3mb)

Oh, I completely forgot about Lost Highway on TV last night. D'oh. Anyway, it was good to see Hank Thompson turn up on last week's ep. This is from the classic album A Six Pack to Go (1965), included on the one Capitol reissue with Breakin' In Another Heart (1966). I bought this CD at Transylvania music shop on Tverskaya Ulitsa in Moscow, a short stroll from Red Square. Alot of my rubles found their way there over the years.

Hangover Heart -- Hank Thompson (2.8mb)

Sun Morn:

Drifting Too Far From the Shore -- Jerry Garcia and David Grisman (4.4mb)

Brand New Feeling -- Lee Roy Parnell (4.7mb)

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