Saturday, September 24, 2005

Delightful is the Right Word

I will ramble adoringly about No Direction Home at a later time but this bit in The Australian appropriated from The Times has it pretty right. I'm glad he singles out this scene 'cause it had me laughing my head off.

The camera lingers a few beats on Bob (Marty of course is the master of finding the right weight for every frame) as he looks straight down the barrel. Hilarious.

One delightful moment in director Martin Scorsese's new 3 1/2-hour documentary about his hero comes when Dylan recalls an adolescent crush on two girls: "Those two girls, by the way, brought out the poet in me." Then he grins with sly self-mockery, instantly sending up the entire Dylanology industry. The "by the way" is critical.

Bootleg Series 7 review in the SMH (think you need to register but it really isn't that exciting.) I saw the picture and headline in the Spectrum this morning and instantly looked to the end to see who wrote it ... goddamn it, NO. Bruce Elder! FFS. Of course he can't bloody resist sticking in the boot in the last par, and the "shameless borrowing of folk songs" reference as if that wasn't a basic feature of the entire genre Bruce, but for him it's almost fair.

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