Tuesday, September 06, 2005

So Here's To All Outsiders

Ronald Reagan dies...they fly the flag half-mast. But did they fly half-mast for Ray Charles or Johnny Cash? These people moved to change the daily lives of more people than these damn politicians, who are just drifters and scum...
~ Hotwalker

Chris Bertram at Crooked Timber on Charles Bukowski, listen to Tom Russell on that matter and others on the BBC Radio 2. Accompanied by Fats Kaplin, Andrew Hardin and Gurf Morlix!!! Crikey. Like the Windsors, those four shouldn't be allowed to travel on the same plane.

When I wrote the gushing bit linked above I wondered how I would feel about the album in a few months. It's not one to file under "easy listening." Can report I still love it. From the album, the song Woodrow (as in "Guthrie") is one of the songs of the year, no question and you can hear a live version of it on the Harris show.

Same same, but different:

Nudie Cohn in the NYT.

Webb Pierce, right, in Nudie suit and Nudie car. Those were the days.

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