Friday, September 23, 2005

What I'll Be Doing This Weekend

The short version: TV, food, Bob, sport, music.

Updated. And Updated again -- don't show up to the Gladstone expecting to see the Bastards tonight, you've been warned. Murray Hillbillies are still on at the Stag, I may or may not get over there myself.

1. Going to see Rob Luckey and the Lucky Bastards Saturday night at the Gladstone in Dulwich Hill. If I weren't doing that, I'd be going to the Murray Hillbillies at the Bald Faced Stag in Leichhardt, but the Gladdie is staggering distance of Chez FEM AND I am informed they have opened a $10 cook-your-own-steak plus salad beer garden.

Hmmmmmmm. Steak and honky tonk, file under: there is a god.

Update: Actually this gig has been moved to October 1st. D'oh.

2. Watching No Direction Home, the long awaited Martin Scorsese doco on Dylan. I am picking it up this arvo at Red Eye Records on King St.
UPDATE: It cost $49.98

3. My TV exploded during the week, but a friend has come through in magnificent style with an unwanted one so I will be glued to it on Sunday morning watching the Flute go around again on The Insiders (ABC, Some Godawful Early Time), except for the Paul Kelly bit where I will staring at something dreadfully interesting out the window.

4. Go Tigers! * And Swans, not that I care about that little game^ but it's a chance for Sydney to whup some wussy out-of-staters so ... Go Swannies! Much more satisfying to beat if they were Victorians or QLDers (you know, an important eastern state we actually think about sometimes) but we'll take it.

Cultural notes for foreigners:

* Rugby League: The game they don't play in Heaven, but then I've always thought the Devil has all the best sports.

^ This other game.

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