Saturday, September 17, 2005

Tonight's lazy-slash-illegal blogging comes to you in memory of my television which finally expired today, aged seven and a half. A flash of orange and a rather unpleasant smell, which lingers still, marked her passing. She was presented to me for my 21st birthday, an occasion marked at a BBQ spot above Coogee Beach. Some of you reading may even have contributed to the original fund, for which I thank you. My TV didn't have an easy life, to be sure. Forced to indulge my passion for Survivor, Star Trek and shonky Sunday morning current affairs, passed from pillar to post when I was overseas and long since having lost the remote, most of the antennae and most recently, the on/off switch she could have been forgiven for opting out a long time ago. I think she knew she had one more Ashes series in her and hung on stoically until then. The last video she played was Hearts of Fire. We had big plans for the release of No Direction Home next week, but you never know when life is gonna throw you a curveball. Vale, my friend.

Sat Night:

Got to Get to Louisiana -- George Jones, Eddy Raven, Jo-El Sonnier (3.4mb)
Rolling with the Flow -- Charlie Rich (2.4mb)
What the Lord Hath Wrought -- Robbie Fulks (7.5mb)

Sun Morn:

What Would You Give In Exchange for your Soul? -- Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson, Ricky Skaggs (2.9mb)

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