Sunday, August 28, 2005

... we're old buddies you see ...

A little late this week but Saturday was a bit crazy for me. Not "it's kept me from going insane" crazy, more like "it's a wonder you can even breath" crazy. How people get through life without country music, I will never know. So a belated Sat Night dedicated to all the losers and fools!

Sat Night:

Trouble and Me -- Buck Owens and His Buckaroos (1.7mb)

Fool's Hall of Fame -- Johnny Cash (1.9mb) Recorded 1958 for The Fabulous Johnny Cash, his first album for Columbia after leaving Sun but not released.

It Don't Take But One Mistake -- Hank Snr (as Luke the Drifter) (2.7mb)

Sun Morn:

Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord)
-- Johnny Cash with the Carter Family The Lost Highway doco on the origins of country last week reminded me of the the exquisite Anita Carter, surely one of the greatest voices we've known. Anita is featured on this song, from Live at Madison Square Garden. Listen and weep.

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