Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Straight to the point. Josh Ritter is touring opening for Martha Wainwright. Martha is cool, but Josh is the one I want to see. Hate the term "Dylanesque" but I'm in a hurry and it jumps irresitibly to my lips. I try ... but ... I .... can't ... hold .... back. Let's just agree to say he's a folkie singer songwriter and he's great.

Check out this fan site with MP3s, it is linked from the official site so I guess they're OK with it.

And here he is in Mojo paying homage to Johnny Cash. Good boy.

Here are the Oz tour dates.
Some are sold out.

-- Josh Ritter (3.7mb)

Roll On -- Josh Ritter (1.6mb)

Update: to add this song, 'cause I just heard it again and I do like it alot.

You Don't Make it Easy Babe -- Josh Ritter (2.8mb)

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