Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Back on topic.

Lucinda Williams in You-Could-Almost-Call-Her-Prolific Shock.

Notorious for taking her time between album releases, Williams says she has two dozen songs already written and recorded in a rough mix state for her next studio project, which is tentatively titled "Knowing" and may be released in early 2006.

Sounds like perfect timing for an Easter/Byron tour down under.

Also, this? Freakin' A.

Williams said she also has a traditional country duet track, "Jailhouse Tears," which is decidedly in the George Jones-meets-Loretta Lynn motif; she suggested Hank Williams III or Jack White as the type of singer needed to pull off the song.

Hank III! Hank III! Hank III! Hank III !

Lots of stuff around about Marty Stuart's new southern gospel album, Soul's Chapel. Must listen. Plus Marty and Guy Clark (sigh) to get Lifetime Achievment honours at the Americana Music Awards. Nominations at that page too. Album of the Year toss up for me between Mary Gauthier and Buddy Miller, Mary might have the edge right now, if only for her version of Harlan Howard's Rhymer. Plus she needs the profile boost more than Buddy. I've also been listening to alot of Mary's early stuff which is surprisingly playful and fun. More to be said there.

And this. Cool picture, typical makework stupid boring SMH Dylan Sells Out Cut And Paste Random Usenet Comments v3.4 article. Why on earth do they bother, see previous see mention of the Herald's obsession here.

UPDATE: Ok, I retract sort of. The article is alright, at least it points out its only a handful of people creating a self-righteous fuss. I am so programmed to expected Dylan lameness from the Herald it takes time to adjust to something reasonable. They do love printing stories about his "selling out" though.

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