Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My Work Here is Done

The scene: an Irish pub on trendy King St, the spot chosen for the monthly blogger stoush meetup.

The tools, a): A jukebox, containing many different "video hits" including, somewhat randomly but not unwelcome-ly, Travis Tritt and Marty Stuart's The Whiskey Ain't Working.

The tools, b): Two shiny collegiate types, one of each sex of the species.

The song: rowdy goodtime noveau honky tonk
The video: The Monkees do Hicksville. Silly Marty, Travis and their respective righteous mullets tear up a bar and get in all manner of scrapes.

The result: Young folk come up the stairs take a few steps in, are given pause at the music, look at the large video screen on the wall. Male gets descriptive on the topic of "country and western" and both leave.

These are the moments that make life worth living.

MP3: The Whiskey Ain't Working -- Travis Tritt and Marty Stuart (3MB)

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