Friday, February 17, 2006

What Was It You Wanted?

A new Friday event. I was looking through a Rolling Stones message board and one of the threads was "One Question for Keith Richards" as in, if you could ask one question, what would it be? Most of the answers (questions) are lame-o but I thought it was a neat-o idea. So every week (hopefully) I'll be inviting someone to pose a question to the musical identity of their choice.

Some loose guidelines:

Doesn't have to be a country/blues/rock person. Whoever you want. Although if you choose a shadowy Dresden-based psytrance jungles beatz impresario, you might find the conversation a bit light on.

You can ask whatever you want but I'd probably discourage things like "Can I have your autograph?" (see KR thread above) since, like, hello? Boring. Cheap, and boring. Also, nowhere for it to go conversation wise. Nobody here but us music geeks.

You can speculate about an answer if you wish. Commentators encouraged to also.

Of course if most of us met our heroes we would be slack jawed and bumbling. We could not form questions. I couldn't anyway. For this exercise, assume you are perfectly lucid and relaxed.

Also, assume you could get a straight answer. Even Dylan wilts into transperancy under your probing.

Here's your chance to get the great musical questions of our age answered! (sort of)

If any commenters or anyone else wants to have a stab (if you have a blog, you're probably already on my list. Prepare for a tap ont he shoulder), email me.

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