Friday, February 10, 2006

John Corbett and Me: A Love Story

Back in the early 90s Northern Exposure was my favourite show and my sister and I bonded in mutual appreciation of DJ Chris Stevens, as portrayed by John Corbett. And then, the show was axed and he disappeared.

Then he reappeared in my life via that Wedding movie and Sex and the City, and I thought, "My God. You are such a wuss. What on earth was I thinking???"

And now Act III:

Actor-turned-singer John Corbett is thrilled to have finally ditched his acting career, insisting he only ever accepted roles in a bid to raise money for his country music calling. The star is currently wowing audiences with his special brand of "country rock with a little bit of roll" and has vowed to stay away from the screen for as long as possible.

The music seems to be passable anthemic country rock, could be fun. He also says country music was always his first love. On the down side, the photo below is totally Spinal Tap and he called his record label "Fun Bone."

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