Friday, February 17, 2006

One Question #1

See the post immediately below for details. Thanks to Shaun Cronin for agreeing to be the first to come up with a question. Shaun blogs at Rock'n'Roll Damnation and Larvatus Prodeo, and sometimes at Flop Eared Mule.

Here's Shaun:

As the first questioner I was tempted to ponder philosophical with some of the great names of music. Oh what wonderful questions I could ask of a Dylan, a Springsteen, a Richards, a Starr or a Lee Roth. As for a Bono we all know what he thinks so what would be the point?

But simple is best.

I would choose Angus Young of AC/DC and my question would be "Can a band call themselves a rock'n'roll band if they have never heard of Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Muddy Waters and Elvis Presley?"

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