Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Rancho Deluxe

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It's summer, you're out in the country and you've found yourself some shade and a beer. What do you want to listen to? If you're like me, the self titled debut album from Rancho Deluxe. Of course I'm now back in my inner-city flat on a working day with a Diet Coke, but it still sounds just as sweet.

The band, from LA, is a regular three piece -- singer Mark Adams, guitarist and bassist Jesse and Graham Harris -- and on the album are joined by a swag of hot players, one name jumping out for the Dylan freak that is me. Don Heffington on drums, and if you have anything to do with "Brownsville Girl" you may count on my reverence forever. Also sitting in is pedal steel player JayDee Maness (Sweetheart of the Rodeo among many others), so the music is all there.

The guitar nerds will find plenty to attract their interest, me I home in on the memorable melodies, sweet harmonies and relatable lyrics. Mark Adams' vocals can glide along with the cruisy West Coast vibe but also has an attractive edge. Rock Bottom opens the album on a crowd pleasing, toe tapping note and impressive songs follow one after the other. It's the whole sound of the thing which keeps me coming back though, a very satisfying trip back to the roots of Californian country.

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