Friday, July 01, 2005

Manufactured Outrage Alert

From Peter Cox, one of our Dylan Tragics:

Tomorrow, Saturday 2 July, on Radio National's breakfast show between 8 am and 8.30, Geraldine Doogue will be looking into Bob Dylan's decision to release the Gaslight Tapes through Starbucks. Shock, horror! She will interview Mike Marqusee, who apparently disapproves.[I assume this is him --FEM] The producer asked for my view and I hope they quote me in Bob's defence. I gave them a Gaslight bootleg but they are nervous about playing unreleased tracks, so we will probably get a snippet of the previously released 'No More Auction Block', 'Handsome Molly' or 'The Cuckoo'.

I will also be appearing on Stateline tonight talking about the indestructible Smoky Dawson (NSW only).

Yes, a 60-odd year old creative legend making decisions in his own interest which puts his music in front of the mass audience of sheeple who otherwise wouldn't have a clue. I can see how that would annoy people.

Yawn. (except for Pete's bit of course which will rock.)

PS: Don't forget about Smoky.

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