Tuesday, July 12, 2005

When Crooners Attack

This made me laugh. Alot. Via Thursday Night Fever, Paul Anka redefines the word integrity in a meeting with his crew. I have no idea where it comes from, but I want it to be real.

Language warning: this ain't Puppy Love.

Update: Tonight (Thurs) I flicked through the channels one last time before going off to waste my night reading a book or something and .. and ... who did I spy? I spied PAUL ANKA! Explain that, skeptics! I go literally years without giving a single thought to Paul Anka and here he is - slithering into my life twice in the space of days. It was an experience alot less amusing than the audio above. I swear he must find it impossible to close his eyes, but hey, all that plastic surgery was clearly worth it -- he doesn't look a day over 70. Anyway, this is a show called Las Vegas. In the very next scene, some character found it necessary to use the charming phrase (at 7.56pm, mind) "forced oral copulation." Geez, sounds like a script The Ank could've written himself.

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