Thursday, July 14, 2005

Now she ain't too good on gasoline, she burns a little oil
But she was built by union labor on American soil
Sweet little '66
So when your Subaru is over and your Honda's history
I'll be blastin' down some back road with my baby next to me
In my sweet little 66

Steve Earle's "The Revolution Starts Now" has been used in an ad for General Motors. Now, I'm on the record in many forums defending Dylan against "sell-out" claims and I'm not outraged by this either but I think it's an interesting case. Dylan of course has spent most of his career attempting to distance himself -- unsuccessfully where clueless journos are concerned -- from the finger pointing songs and the political Spokesman of a Generation baggage that goes along with it. The Victoria's Secret/Starbucks deals are not out of the box when taken in the whole context of his career. On the other hand, Steve has put out a couple of highly political albums, calls himself a borderline Maoist and it sounds like the kind of thing he might sound off negatively about. I don't have a problem with it, but I'd be interested in hearing his comments.

In the meantime, a SE song about a car.

Listen: Sweet Little '66 (Live in Austin)

Picture: picks snaffled by me at Steve gig at the the Metro last year.

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