Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Around the Grounds -- Updated

A little catching up from weeks of blogging ennui. This may be updated as things spring to mind.

--> reminder about Saturday Night Country, even when the cricket is on you can still listen via the net. I will be listening to the cricket myself, but happily the shows are archived.
--> Guitar Meme at Woodshed Willie. Bit old now but worth checking out. Sadly, I'm a Lyrics Chauvinist and don't know my Open A tuning from my middle eighth so I can't contribute.
--> Newly discovered blog, Blueskies. Terrific writing and glorious MP3s.
--> Photos of the Trucker Bob Tribute Night. I took some too, but Brian's are, as usual, all you need.
--> New Capital News, with excerpts of Kris Kristofferson cover story.
--> Links fixed!
--> Ralph Stanley has had heart surgery, said to be in a "fine condition."
--> More on Gaslight tapes release via Starbucks.
--> Bluegrass Preservation Society Podcasting (via Podcasting News)
--> More country podcasting at Country Roots
--> Indy music scene in Nashville

Since I mentioned my sister Cozalcoatl's japes in the Caribbean, let's complete the journey and check out her awesome pics from the Mexican leg. They are -- I think the correct archeological term is -- way freaking cool. On topic trivia: Sara, the first ex-Mrs Dylan, is a noted collector of pre-Columbian art.

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