Friday, June 17, 2005

Meme Redux

Another meme from the Chez du Indigo.

Total number of books I’ve owned:
Dunno. I probably have close to 500 floating around here, and I do mean floating around. The queer eye boys would look very dimly on my storage techniques. Before I went overseas to live in 2001 I got rid of about 80% of the books I then had. Left hundreds out on the side of the road and that being the Peoples Republic of Enmore they disappeared promptly. Most of my books have that telltale black mark across the bottom meaning they are cheapie remaindered stock.

The last book I bought:
I bought three last go out. The Billboard Book of Number One Country Hits, which has provided fodder for the last two Fridays worth of lazy blogging. A big ass reference book called Ancient Egypt and Evolution: The Triumph of An Idea by Carl Zimmer (click for his excellent website.) Purchased at a discount book barn at Central Station, Love to do my book shopping at Abbey's or Gleebooks but it's all about the cash, man. Not that you asked, but currently I am reading The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson which from memory was also a remaindered purchase. It is the fascinating story of the Chicago 1890s Worlds Fair plus the true gothic horror of one of America's first serial killers, uber-freak (in a bad way) H.H Holmes. Cree-py. This sounds all very high brow, I'd be very happy to spend my days reading nothing but murder mysteries really.

The last book I read:
Don't recall, the new computer took over all my spare time for a while. Possibly it was the Sue Grafton Kinsey Milhone mystery, B for Burgular. Possibly.

Five books that mean a lot to me:
In Cold Blood Truman Capote He became a bit of a caricature of himself in later days but, boy that man could write.
Independent People Halldor Laxness Family saga set in remote 19C Iceland. Breathtaking prose, heartwrenching epic.
The Demon Haunted World Carl Sagan The only man who can wear a brown skivvie and still be sexy. Critical Thinking 101.
Cash by Johnny Cash Just a great book, honest and moving.
Dogger by Shirley Hughes My favourite kids book which I dug out of storage recently. Sniff.
If the question were "Five Favourite Books" I would also add Philip Sugden's The Complete History of Jack the Ripper. I wouldn't say it "means alot to me" but it is indispensible.
Pass it on to: Anyone who wants it. Hard to keep track of who's done it. We need some fresh memes, people.

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