Monday, June 27, 2005

The Non-Hipsters Shall Inherit the Twang

"That kind of non-hipster, Texas, folk songs, pot, old Gibson guitar aesthetic. One thing I liked about Hayes was that he was like that; he appealed to me more than the new college alt-country branding that was going on."

~ producer R.S Field

Hayes Carll is the latest barefoot Texan singer-songwriter to come down the blacktop, a throwback in more ways than one to the maverick Heartworn Highways days of the 70s. I like Field's quote, my interest in Uncut-approved "" is in the trough phase of the cycle. I shall name no names right now (I'll keep my powder dry, a rant might be developing) but mumbling and whining set to an unidentifiable variety of echo-y yowls does not a country song make. Hayes' bio reads right for a legend in the making (before you snark about the middle class suburban childhood, recall Townes' trust fund safety net), and he turned down a deal from Roots ground zero Sugar Hill and self-funded his CDs, of which there are two so far. Greats like Townes, Guy Clark, Ray Wylie Hubbard (the last too have already collaborated with Carll) have been able to combine a flinty intensity with lyrical beauty, hard core carousing with hard core poetry and young Hayes is definately growing into it too.

Listen: Down the Road
Listen: Naked Checkers
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Hat tip to Honky Tonk Highway for original puttingontoness.

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