Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Martin Scorsese was robbed -- again -- at the Oscars. I loved The Aviator, but then I also loved The Gangs of New York so you might say I'm a Scorsese tragic. Marty's blues kick is well known, and his soundtracks are always perfectly chosen to propel the dynamic visuals. A recent Uncut included an entire CD of songs from Scorsese films.

The Aviator is no exception, featuring the Leadbelly oddity Howard Hughes and all three Wainwrights: Loudon, Rufus (below) and Martha who are not only on the soundtrack but appear as club singers. Also reborn neopunkglamcrooner David Johansen (subject of my second ever F.E.M post. Bless.)

And the best St. Clint could come up with? Some classical crap. Bah!

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