Sunday, March 20, 2005

Before there was Flop Eared Mule, there was Honky Tonk Highway and now it's back. The Tonker has the inside track on everything happening in Sydney and beyond, and can make you feel like you were at the gig yourself. Hunter and Suzy are back, how cool is that? I was too lazy to get over to Balmian on Friday night meself, sounds like it's gonna be a great venue, pencil me in for 1st April.

About to listen to the new Solomon Burke. Produced by Don Was, whom I positively hate. He messes this up, he's dead man.

Oh and -- again -- if anyone can help me understand Blogger's "Read More" code, please help. It has defeated me. I appealed publically for help once before but got not one reply. Oh yes, it's alright to leave random comments bitching about it but offer to help? Don't be stupid. Hurrumph.

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