Monday, January 08, 2007

Renaissance Man

Kris Kristofferson once quipped, "I think between us, Bill Clinton and I have settled any lingering myths about the brilliance of Rhodes scholars," but as this delightful 1959 profile in TIME shows he wasn't wasting his time at Oxford.

The ancient seat of learning has seen far too much to be startled by the carryings-on of its scholars. Just the same, a 22-year-old Rhodes scholar from California's Pomona College has aroused a certain mild wonder at Oxford University's Merton College. Blond Kristoffer Kristofferson is a modest, husky (5 ft. 11 in., 165 lbs.) youth, and had he stuck quietly to his study of English literature, chances are that few of his Oxford friends would have discovered what an uncommon sort was swallowing their tea.

I even forgive him for playing yawnion.

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