Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The People, United

Further to the issues of sane licencing laws in NSW, John Wardle has passed on details of who to write to, and to say, to support the bill.

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If you are at all able, Can I request that you one or all of these activities:

Write to these state politicians in favour of these changes:


Frank Sartor

Morris Iemma

Grant McBride

Bob Debus

NSW Liberal Party

Peter Debnam

Barry O Farrell barry.o'

it makes a difference, as shown by Frank Sartor in Parliament in November when the new council laws were passed, and ask them to support the new live music liquor licence for NSW,

€ Mr FRANK SARTOR (Rockdale—Minister for Planning, Minister for Redfern Waterloo, Minister for Science and Medical Research, and Minister Assisting the Minister for Health (Cancer)) [9.57 p.m.]

Sixth, the bill makes the necessary amendments to the Local Government and Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Transfer of Functions) Act 2001. That will enable reform of the regulations for places of public entertainment and temporary structures to be completed. This reform is overdue and will be extremely good news for the music industry. I am in possession of more than 50 letters, emails and submissions from the music industry welcoming this change, which was foreshadowed in previous legislation some years ago

For example, this was one letter from one of the best pianists in town, Gerard Masters, who wrote to the AHA

John Thorpe
Australian Hotels Association
Level 5
8 Quay Street
NSW 2000

Dear Mr Thorpe

My name is Gerard Masters. I am a professional musician and have been playing music in Sydney since 1999. I feel very fortunate to be based here, as Sydney has an incredible wealth of musical talent. The musical scene is a very positive one, however due to a limited amount of venues in Sydney, a lot of our great players have been lacking places to perform on a regular basis and much of this great music gets pushed to the underground.

Premier Iemma’s proposed live music licence is potentially one of the best things that could happen to our scene in a long time. I believe the more places that are able to have talented musicians performing, the more vibrant our city would become. Artistic pursuits are what give big cities their lifeblood. The vibrancy of Paris, New York, New Orleans, and Melbourne is shaped by artists and musicians who flourish in these city centres.

Please think of this aspect of our city before you flourish your fat cat hotelier style comments. The only ‘pie in the sky’ is the one that you and your Hotel association cohorts have been feasting on and getting fatter and fatter while the real creative talent of our city goes hungry.

We have all had more than enough of poker machines, sub-standard beer and other mind numbing activity. The people of Sydney are waking up to the fact that live entertainment is essential to their general wellbeing. You will fail miserably by attempting to put us back to sleep

Yours Sincerely

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