Friday, January 12, 2007


More 2006 releases that I like but I forgot about for the first list.

Kris Kristofferson This Old Road WTF?? 2006? Oh yeah, I guess it is. I saw him live in ’05 and he did songs from it so in my mind it’s been around a lot longer. It would’ve been a definite inclusion otherwise. My original review.

Bobby Bare, Jr The Longest Meow
I plagarize myself: Son of 60s country star (the original "Streets of Baltimore" for you Gram Parsons lovers) and one of the more original voices going round, does rock, indy folk,, a mixture of all three, and some other stuff, all at once.

Corb Lund Hair In My Eyes Like a Highland Steer
Real fun Albertans.

Rosanne Cash Black Cadillac
I said I'd write about this but have run out of steam. Next (this) year I'm definately sticking to ten albums and bad fracking luck to the rest of the forgotten artistes. Anyhow, it's good. You should get it.

George Jones and Merle Haggard Kicking Out the Footlights Again

The Possum and the Hag’s first collaboration 1982’s A Taste of Yesterday’s Wine is one of my very favourite albums. You won’t find it in any serious eight part PBS documentary series on the history of country music, but it is 31 minutes of pure, guiltless honky tonk pleasure. This one finds them in a less rowdy mood, a few too many soft jazzy shuffles for mine and Jones’ voice is sounding a little … puffy but still a few moments of the greatness you would expect.

Tom Russell Love and Fear
What I said then.
YouTube: Gallo Del Cielo which is an old song but I can't resist. Andrew Hardin doesn't play with him anymore, so enjoy it.

Greg Graffin Cold As The Clay

Emmylou and Mark Knopfler All That Roadrunning OK it didn’t really take with me, but I like it alot better live.

Jim Lauderdale Country Super Hits and Bluegrass

Doomsday Piano King Curly

Grayson Capps Wail and Ride
Larry got me on to this one this week. Like he says, seriously fine country music.

James Hunter People Gonna Talk

Chis Knight Enough Rope
Blue collar country-rock for those that like their Springsteen circa The River. Not as good ast that, obviously, but sometimes its exactly and only what you want.

The Gourds Heavy Ornamentals

Full Jon Dee Graham

Bert Jansch The Black Swan

A Couple of Notable Reissues/Compilations:
Willie Nelson The Complete Atlantic Sessions

Karen Dalton In My Own Time
Bernard Zuel saves me the trouble. Discovered it a few weeks ago on eMusic.

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