Sunday, March 05, 2006

This Is A Test

Inspired by Shaun and my amigos at Hickory Wind my procrastination of choice today was recording a podcast. It's rough and rushed (dashing out in a minute for the A League grand final). The voice is a bit low because I don't have an external mic, just the one in the computer but I don't think its too bad. I should learn about things like equalising the volume between my voice and the song so one is not ten times louder than the other but ... another day. Also, more fading in and out but that got a bit fiddly and it was taking longer than I expected.

It's in MP3 because that's the smallest I could get it but I suspect there's a better way.

15MB. Goes for about 17 mins.

Downloadable at You Send It.

Oh, and a minor explicit language warning since I had to refer to this Stones bootleg.

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