Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Gram Wednesday

BBC Radio feature this weekend -- 9.30am Sunday Sydney time. Is it likely to be archived for later listening?

Bob Harris presents an hour long exploration of the life, the music and the influence of Gram Parsons. Includes a previously unheard interview with Parsons himself.

(thanks Chris)

Exceprt of new Parsons bio at CMT. Lord knows the world needs another, this one is Polly-Approved and reads rather clunky.

But it was obvious to both him and Nancy that their love had become a small sad thing between them, fading into nothing as they watched, each of them helpless to stop its diminishing. One night in bed, Nancy turned, her arms outstretched to hold Gram, and he flinched when she touched him, his skin pulling away from the warmth of her hand. In that moment, that last loose link between them snapped, and Nancy knew with cold clarity that it was over between them, that Gram didn't love her anymore.

The Flop Eared Mule Politburo canrecommend this one instead.

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