Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Woodshed Willie on most covered country songs.

I have added Gina Villalobos to the gig guide, she is visiting our shores from sunny California. She did a few gigs here last week and is swinging back around. The May Uncut describes her as "rough edged twang with a dash of the heartland ... [she] roils and rucks like Lucinda Williams or a distaff Ryan Adams. " I don't know what roiling and rucking is, but I think I'd like to try it. I have only included her inner west gigs (and since I'm a confirmed internationalist, one in Manly too) but check out her website for shows in Wollongong, Wagga Wagga, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisvegas, Adelaide and NZ.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Lonesome, On'ry and Meme

This has been floating round the blogosphere for ages, I have finally been put out of my misery.

Total volume of music files on my computer.

5.94GB or 1717 songs but I only got the computer two weeks ago so I've barely started. I was reading the other day about Voyager which has just reached the edge of the solar system and sends back data with its 80kb memory. Cool, eh?

The last CD I bought

Form eBay, The Notorious Cherry Bombs

From a shop, Dolly Parton Live and Well

Song playing right now

Doc Watson Beautiful Golden Somewhere on Ram Radio Sunday is gospel day.

Five Songs I Listen to Alot

Weird question, but I suppose with computers and MP3 players, listening to individual songs is much easier. Um. OK. If I could find someone to help steer me through the how-to-put-MP3s-on-my-site maze (hint. hint. HINT.) I could put them up .....

She Ain't Going Nowhere -- Guy Clark He describes it as "ten seconds in a woman's life," and also his favourite of his own songs. Perfectly weighted, a spare pen sketch truly worth a thousand words.

And the wind had a way with her hair
And the blues had a way with her smile
And she had a way of her own
Like prisoners have a way with a file

Those Three Days -- Lucinda Williams It's just ... it just gets me there.

Youngstown -- Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band from the Live in New York album. After those two, time for a rocker. The original is on The Ghost of Tom Joad and the sparse acoustic thing is great, but this version -- with the charging trio Brooce, Little Steven and Nils all on lead guitars and a momentum that won't quit -- it is truly a hymn worthy of offering at The Boss's Altar of Righteous Rock and Roll.

Woody -- Tom Russell from Hotwalker. My song of the year so far. I can't explain it.

Somehow, Someday -- Ryan Adams.

Only five?

I'm passing the baton to:
FXH, Irant, Brownie.

Update: I have uploaded four of these songs here at freetownweb.com. It's a bit ugly and a bit clumsy but gets the job done, just like me. Click on "fembot" and enjoy. The random parthenon pictures come with the template and the net is so creaky and slow right now I cannot be bothered changing them. A note about Woodrow, there are some bits and pieces before hand - worth listening to but the song itself starts a minute something in.

Thursday, May 26, 2005


Friday 27th May

Bob Dylan Birthday Marathon
10pm-3am Sydney time
2SER 107.5 FM
Listen on the Internet

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hmmmm. Tempting.

This is on sale at eBay .

It appears to be the same as or similar to From Nashville to You, of which All Music says:

Despite many attempts, Jackson has never been able to score a bona fide hit in America. Making a country album proved to be a step in the wrong direction. This unriveting, bland assortment of "songs" starts off weak, and doesn't get any better. Jackson does not have the range or the versatility to cover country classics like Patsy Cline's "Crazy," and her clear misunderstanding of the genre only makes the nauseating originals worse. The heavily clichéd "I've Got to Be Bad" and drawn-out "Break a Leg" are prime sufferers of this syndrome. Though not particularly proficient in any musical style, Jackson's R&B and pop output is much stronger than this feeble effort.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Thanks to Brownie I have the rest of Kris' tour dates. She has earned herself the choice of a) my first born b) my immortal soul or c) a kidney.

Oh, and while I'm here: happy birthday Bob Dylan.

On sale June 6th

Wednesday 27 Rockhampton Great Western Hotel Box Office 07 4922 3888
Friday 29 Townsville Entertainment Centre Box Office 07 4771 4000
Saturday 30 Cairns Convention Centre Ticketlink 07 4031 9555
Sunday 31 Darwin SKYCITY, The Lawns Box Office 08 8943 8888

Wednesday 3 Mackay Entertainment Centre Box Office 07 4957 1777
Friday 5 Gold Coast Twin Towns Box Office 1800 014 014
Saturday 6 Toowoomba Empire Theatre Box Office 1300 655 299
Sunday 7 Brisbane The Sleeman Centre, Chandler Ticketmaster7 136 100
Thursday 11 Sydney Enmore Theatre Ticketek 132 849
Friday 12 Wollongong Yallah Woolshed Box Office 02 4262 2655
Saturday 13 Newcastle Civic Theatre Ticketek 02 4929 1977
Sunday 14 Canberra Royal Theatre Ticketek 132 849
Tuesday 16 Sydney Penrith Evan Theatre Box Office 1800 061 991
Friday 19 Hobart Derwent Entertainment Centre Ticketmaster7 136 100
Saturday 20 Melbourne Palais Theatre Box Office 03 9537 2444, Ticketmaster7 136 100

Sunday, May 22, 2005

I was up the road getting a pizza, while waiting I was flicking through the Sun Herald and was brought up in my metaphorical tracks by an article on Kris Kristofferson giving details of a solo tour in August!! Big Kev levels of excitement here at the stable. Of course I left the paper there and the Internet has been useless in providing details so I can't actually give you any (details that is.) Enmore Theatre August 11th and Newcastle Entertainment Centre August 13th plus other dates from memory. Tried searching Ticketek but it kept telling me to enter only English characters. Santa Vaca, what language do you think I'm typing in you sophisticated piece of artifical intelligence? If you Google "kris kristofferson Ticketek" this site comes up first which is nice but not helpful.

Stay tuned. Please help if you can.

UPDATE: Woofreakinhoo. Tamworth Rage Page has these dates:

Aug Fri 5 Kris Kristofferson /James Blundell - Lismore Workers Club
Aug Sat 6 Kris Kristofferson /James Blundell - Brisbane Convention Centre
August 7 Kris Kristofferson /James Blundell - Gold Coast Twin Towns
Aug Thu 11 Kris Kristofferson /James Blundell - Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Aug Fri 12 Kris Kristofferson /James Blundell - Wollongong Yallah Woolshed
Aug Sat 13 Kris Kristofferson /James Blundell - Newcastle Civic Theatre
Aug Tues 16 Kris Kristofferson /James Blundell - Sydney, Penrith Evan Theatre Aug Thur 18 Kris Kristofferson /James Blundell - Derwent Entertainment Centre TAS
Aug Fri 19 Kris Kristofferson /James Blundell - Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
Aug Sat 20 Kris Kristofferson /James Blundell - Palais Theatre, Melbourne

UPDATE 2: Tickets on sale June 6th

Friday, May 20, 2005

The Lord Knows I'm Ripping

I would like to use my speccy new computer to put MP3s up here but am having my usual success with tasks which involve technical competance and attention to detail. So instead to celebrate my techical revolution I have whipped up a CD which I will send to anyone who asks until an unspecified time in the future. I have called the playlist for this cd "country goes pomo", it's all songs about country music or musicians. I can't think of many songs about, say, the Beatles but Hank Williams? Hundreds. I'm sure its something to do with the exceptionalist culture of country music, and the more conspicuous role of Tradition (with a capital T) but did you come here for sociological wankery? You did not.

Another fertile theme for self referential twang is the current anaemic state of what passes for mainstream country music -- there's alot of anger out there, people. And alot of songs giving catharsis to that anger. I have enough material for a box set but have pared it down to a lean and mean 80 minutes of quality twang, served of course with a generous helping of cheese.

So if you want one email me privately at the address top left. Overseas is OK, especially that person who visits here from Saginaw, Michigan. That is cool, and if I could get my head about FTPs I would put up the Lefty Frizzell song of the same name in tribute.

Flop Eared Mule:Now With More Turtles

Torture has been a hot topic in the blogosphere this week. Here's my contribution, it's Friday, it's cold, you're at work and your sister sends you these. Beeyotch!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

So Many Snarks, So Little Time

The Federal Treasurer on the radio yesterday morning talking about class in Strayan society.

Sally Loane: (introduces guest with excerpt from Working Class Man)
Peter Costello: What an introduction! I like The Boss.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

My New Toy: iTunes Blogging

No iPod, but ITunes is just the same right, except for the whole portability thing. Last 10 recently played when I put my ITunes library on shuffle, only 720 songs in there so far.

Don't Get Above Your Raisin' -- Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain Boys
The Rescue Blues -- Ryan Adams
Brown-Eyed Handsome Man -- Johnny Cash & Carl Perkins
Eva -- Dan Bern & The IJBC
Drive South -- John Hiatt
Girl from the North Country -- Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash
I'll Take The Blame -- Ralph Stanley & Rhonda Vincent
Flop-Eared Mule -- The Holy Modal Rounders
Streets Of Baltimore -- Charley Pride
Wild Turkey -- Lacy J Dalton

Monday, May 16, 2005

Tonight's Cold Case on Channel Nein is about a murder during Johnny Cash's 1968 concert at Folsom Prison. All JC soundtrack. I will be at the Dylan get together (Bar Abercrombie, cnr Abercrombie and Broadway from 7ish. Out the back if it isn't raining) but will be sure to break copyright laws for later enjoyment.

Friday, May 13, 2005

The Coopers on a Sunday arvo is a lovely relaxed gig.
I'm planning on checking out Johnny Carr and the Contenders next weekend.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Carriacou Cou Boogie

I never knew what the flag of Grenada looked like until it turned up in my stats today. I'm guessing that's The Coz, my sister. How loyal! She is on the island poking turtles. See artist's impression, right. Google grenada country music in an attempt to make an on topic post as an excuse to mention your cool sister and this is who you come up with.

Joe Country and the Islanders

[A] musical group from New York City. The group features the Caribbean classic country stylings of Joe "Country" Greenidge and Keith Joseph, both born and raised on the beautiful island of Grenada, blended with the Texas honky-tonk influence of Aaron Fox, raised on Long Island, New York, but with years of experience playing country music in the clubs and dance halls of Texas.

There are three Mp3s on the site, give 'em a listen. Apart from being five kinds of hot, Joe (related to Gordon?) namechecks Charlie Pride, George Jones and Merle Haggard as influences and so is our kind of Grenadine. Our other kind of grenadine is the one you put in Klingon cocktails.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Win Victory Over Yourself






A Manifesto

Jack Sparks continues his crusade against Nashville tide against country's heart.

A spectre is haunting America--the spectre of Nashville. The history of all hitherto existing TRUE twang music is the history of hillbilly struggles.

Those struggles have been rendered null and meaningless in a machinery designed to deliver a demographic to a corporate advertising bloc that cares neither for the music that has been created in response to its wealth, nor for the music that it has destroyed in its wake. Country Music used to be an American art form, forged in the fires of a rapidly growing nation, where urban problems met rural realities, and vice versa. And, at the end of the day, you could hold forth eloquently on it, dance to it, and above all, get drunk and pass out to it.

As the Powers of Greed prepare Nashville for the annual false storefront insouciant parade that is FanFare, it is time for the voices of the lost soul of Country Music to speak up and publish a manifesto of dissatisfaction, disinterest, and disharmony. We will speak with our pens, our keyboards, and our pocketbooks.


But, more importantly, we will stand on a few bedrock principles, from which we will not budge, no matter how beguiling and deceitful the lies of the establishment become.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

What's Yr Sign?

Finally, a mystical belief system I can fully embrace.


Popstrology is the science of the pop stars -- a revolutionary method for gaining self-knowledge by examining the alignment of the pop music charts on the date of your birth.

It's visionary teacher, Ian Van Tuyl, explains:

I discovered that on the day I was born -- January 24, 1967 -- the #1 song in America was I'm A Believer, by the Monkees. On an intellectual level, I wasn't exactly sure what to make of this fact, but I knew in my gut that there was something deeply, even disturbingly right about it. It wasn't just that I could look at Michael Nesmith and Mickey Dolenz and see in them little pieces of myself, and it wasn't just that I shared a birthday with Neil Diamond, the man who wrote I'm A Believer. It was that so much of what defined me -- my strengths, my weaknesses, my struggles -- made perfect sense when viewed against the backdrop of the enterprise that launched the wholly artificial, yet clearly irresistible Monkees. I began to ponder the implications of being born at a moment when America threw its embrace around a made-for-television rip-off of the most important group in pop-music history, and suddenly the pieces started falling into place.

Why was I so obsessed with originality? Why did I have trouble taking many important things seriously? And why did my occasional moments of originality yield things that many people would never consider taking seriously? My head was spinning and my hands were shaking as I realized that the answer to these nagging questions lay in my response to the powerful sonic and psychic vibrations that penetrated my soft little skull at the moment I entered the world. I wasn't just born to the sound of the Monkees -- I was a Monkee, and with that realization, a sense of peace and comfort settled over me that I'd never experienced before.

I am The Eagles New Kid in Town, born in The Year of Debbie Boone. As an Eagle,

Your wings are strong, but sometimes you prefer to float on a rising current of hot air.

OMG! How did he know that????

A scant 11 months later and I could have been born a C.W McCall. Oh, cruel universe. You mock I!

We Eagles are part of the contellation Mustache Rock, with aspects of Lite and White. Like all good religions, you need to pony up the bucks for more information.

All well and good, but can popstrology really help you in your daily struggles through this crazy mixed up world? You better believe it!

If you are an Olivia Newton-John who keeps on falling for Rod Stewarts, or if you are experiencing certain feelings that go along with being a Double George Michael, then the roots of your troubles may be straightforward and obvious. It is more likely, however, that the answer to your relationship issues will only be revealed through an analysis or your Birthstar's relationship to the forty-five constellations in the popstrological firmament. Perhaps you resist commitment because your Birthstar is aligned with the constellation Shape-Shifter, a grouping of stars that includes the likes of Cher and Madonna. Perhaps your current partner stifles your creativity and smothers your life-spark because his Birthstar is aligned with the constellation Reaganrock, a grouping that includes the likes of Lionel Richie and Phil Collins.

Baby boomers beware, the charts start at 1956.

The dawn of Elvis Presley as the Big Bang that opened the popstrological era, and the twilight of Richard Marx as the quiet whimper that closed it thirty-three and a third years later, the 450 stars in the popstrological firmament, and the forty-five constellations into which they fall -- these structures were revealed to me in what seemed like a mere instant, and their interpretive power was undeniable.