Sunday, May 29, 2005

Lonesome, On'ry and Meme

This has been floating round the blogosphere for ages, I have finally been put out of my misery.

Total volume of music files on my computer.

5.94GB or 1717 songs but I only got the computer two weeks ago so I've barely started. I was reading the other day about Voyager which has just reached the edge of the solar system and sends back data with its 80kb memory. Cool, eh?

The last CD I bought

Form eBay, The Notorious Cherry Bombs

From a shop, Dolly Parton Live and Well

Song playing right now

Doc Watson Beautiful Golden Somewhere on Ram Radio Sunday is gospel day.

Five Songs I Listen to Alot

Weird question, but I suppose with computers and MP3 players, listening to individual songs is much easier. Um. OK. If I could find someone to help steer me through the how-to-put-MP3s-on-my-site maze (hint. hint. HINT.) I could put them up .....

She Ain't Going Nowhere -- Guy Clark He describes it as "ten seconds in a woman's life," and also his favourite of his own songs. Perfectly weighted, a spare pen sketch truly worth a thousand words.

And the wind had a way with her hair
And the blues had a way with her smile
And she had a way of her own
Like prisoners have a way with a file

Those Three Days -- Lucinda Williams It's just ... it just gets me there.

Youngstown -- Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band from the Live in New York album. After those two, time for a rocker. The original is on The Ghost of Tom Joad and the sparse acoustic thing is great, but this version -- with the charging trio Brooce, Little Steven and Nils all on lead guitars and a momentum that won't quit -- it is truly a hymn worthy of offering at The Boss's Altar of Righteous Rock and Roll.

Woody -- Tom Russell from Hotwalker. My song of the year so far. I can't explain it.

Somehow, Someday -- Ryan Adams.

Only five?

I'm passing the baton to:
FXH, Irant, Brownie.

Update: I have uploaded four of these songs here at It's a bit ugly and a bit clumsy but gets the job done, just like me. Click on "fembot" and enjoy. The random parthenon pictures come with the template and the net is so creaky and slow right now I cannot be bothered changing them. A note about Woodrow, there are some bits and pieces before hand - worth listening to but the song itself starts a minute something in.

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