Thursday, May 12, 2005

Carriacou Cou Boogie

I never knew what the flag of Grenada looked like until it turned up in my stats today. I'm guessing that's The Coz, my sister. How loyal! She is on the island poking turtles. See artist's impression, right. Google grenada country music in an attempt to make an on topic post as an excuse to mention your cool sister and this is who you come up with.

Joe Country and the Islanders

[A] musical group from New York City. The group features the Caribbean classic country stylings of Joe "Country" Greenidge and Keith Joseph, both born and raised on the beautiful island of Grenada, blended with the Texas honky-tonk influence of Aaron Fox, raised on Long Island, New York, but with years of experience playing country music in the clubs and dance halls of Texas.

There are three Mp3s on the site, give 'em a listen. Apart from being five kinds of hot, Joe (related to Gordon?) namechecks Charlie Pride, George Jones and Merle Haggard as influences and so is our kind of Grenadine. Our other kind of grenadine is the one you put in Klingon cocktails.

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