Friday, May 20, 2005

The Lord Knows I'm Ripping

I would like to use my speccy new computer to put MP3s up here but am having my usual success with tasks which involve technical competance and attention to detail. So instead to celebrate my techical revolution I have whipped up a CD which I will send to anyone who asks until an unspecified time in the future. I have called the playlist for this cd "country goes pomo", it's all songs about country music or musicians. I can't think of many songs about, say, the Beatles but Hank Williams? Hundreds. I'm sure its something to do with the exceptionalist culture of country music, and the more conspicuous role of Tradition (with a capital T) but did you come here for sociological wankery? You did not.

Another fertile theme for self referential twang is the current anaemic state of what passes for mainstream country music -- there's alot of anger out there, people. And alot of songs giving catharsis to that anger. I have enough material for a box set but have pared it down to a lean and mean 80 minutes of quality twang, served of course with a generous helping of cheese.

So if you want one email me privately at the address top left. Overseas is OK, especially that person who visits here from Saginaw, Michigan. That is cool, and if I could get my head about FTPs I would put up the Lefty Frizzell song of the same name in tribute.

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