Friday, December 30, 2005

More Ways to Spend Money

Several visitors of note in the next couple of months.

January 19 and 20 Terrence Simian & the Zydeco Experience Accordian legend here for the Sydney Festival, at the Spirit of New Orleans night in the Domain and the the Hyde Park Barrcks for a measly $25.

February 4
Serena Ryder at The Vanguard Next big thing who I saw a bit of opening for Steve Earle last year, I'd like to see more.

February 16 Kathleen Edwards at @Newtown. Folky, alty, rocky, country Canandian chick. Only thirty some dollars, highly recommended.

February 18 and 19 Bonnie Prince Billy at @Newtown. I run a bit hot and meh on Will Oldham but I'll probably go.

Then of course there is the Easter pre- post - Byron onslaught but looking at the line up, I won't be forking out too much.

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