Thursday, December 08, 2005

It's Pronounced "Michael"

Mikal Gilmore was interviewed by Richard Wilkins on Today this morning, on the topic of John Lennon. Here is his new Rolling Stone tribute, a topic of great indifference to me personally but obviously I'm wrong about that.

The point is, Gilmore is one of my favourite writers on music. If various bloggers didn't exist he'd be further up the list. I've probably gone through all this on the blog before but he's worth recommending twice. There is one collection of articles, Night Beat. I can't locate my copy right now so I can't give you excerpts and the like. Trust me already.

His other book is a knockout. Shot in the Heart is a non fiction account of his childhood and youth, along with that of his rather more infamous brother, Gary Gilmore. He was executed by firing squad in Utah in 1977, raising more than the usual fuss by refusing all appeals on his behalf and declairing his desire to die. Amazing book. Tough, but amazing.

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