Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Calling Music Nerds!

My favouritest Californian-Australian gave me a $50 HMV voucher for Christmas. Since the coming of JB-Hi to the city centre, where the range much wider and the prices much cheaper, I have barely descended into HMV recently.

As this is a free shot, I would like to spend it on one or two things I might not otherwise check out and am soliciting recommendations. From you.

Does not have to be country, I listen to a good four or five different genres of music. ;-) The last CD I bought for myself was Bettye Lavette's I've Got My Own Hell to Raise, about which I will blog some time this week. That's old skool soul/r'n'b. I can rawk, when I set my mind to it. Doesn't have to be new, 1934, '55, '73, '04. I don't care.

Something under the radar-ish? Something criminally under rated? Something you just know I'll love? Something so beloved you drunkenly corner random folks at parties and rail at them about it for hours? It can't be just me that does that.

Go crazy.

Oh, and ... Please leave a comment, I don't mind not getting them but its a bit lame when you actively ask and get none. Take pity. Don't make me look like Floppy No Friends.

Update: John in comments points me to the superbly named Wrinkle Neck Mules out of Richmond, Virginia. You can listen to three songs on the website and I'm in love. HMV won't have 'em but bob bless Paypal.

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